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Please note, in an effort to offer more opportunities for youth to play in our community, our board of directors has decided to extend the U15 age group to include teens born in 2002 and 2003 as well. This means this league will now be a U17 mixed league that includes youth born from 2002-2006. We are confident that this will NOT negatively affect the league or its players, and look forward to being able to offer programming to a wider age range.

Our district has a new Tier III league. This is a co-ed recreational travel league that will travel thirty minutes or less to compete in games against other clubs in our district. Our club would like to know if our players are interested in creating one or more teams for this new league.

Please fill in this form if you are in the following age groups and interested in playing in this league:
U10 (2010/2011)
U14 (2006/2007)
U16 (2004/2005)
U18 (2002/2003)

Please note, a registration fee of $192.50 will apply to play in this league. If you have already registered for house league and would like to transfer to this league, that can be arranged. Please still fill in the form below to indicate your interest.

For more information, click here. Questions? Please Email Karl

More About our Recreational Program:

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